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Common Features :

Hyperbaric gaseous cryotherapy
Low temperature (-78 C) at very high speed pressure 50 bars by spraying
Carbon dioxide microcrystals
Regulation of local hemostasis procures an immediate therapeutic response
Abrupt l0owering0 of the skin temperature from 32 C to 2 C in 30 seconds, sensory receptors are stimulated
Contol Panel with Temperature display
Application time Battery charge indicator
Optional CO2 cylinder.

Easy to move within functional
Rehabilitation Centre or Clinics
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CRYO+ (BMI-1001)
CRYO+ (BMI-1001)

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Equipment for Instant Treatment of Sports Athletes
Features : Lightweight, portable and easy to use, the
system is fully stand-alone thanks to a rechargeable
battery and disposable or rechargeable gas cartridges.

Technical characteristics :

Pistol : 780 gr
Pyrometric measurement of skin temperature triggers a warning light between 5 and 2C.
Safety gauge indicating treatment distance
Battery charge indicator

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Control the air flow intensity depends on diseased parts
Safety start from "0" after power ON and operation
Easy to use
Can check current inner temperature
Possible to save setting value
Easy to move and 0mainte0nance
Temperature : -20 C+5 C
Operation mode : Continuous and Auto
Operation time: 0-99 min
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