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Dr Lax Spinal Trac
Dr Lax Spinal Trac (BMI-1055)
Dr Lax Spinal Trac (BMI-1055)

Peculiar Features of Dr Lax Spinal Trac
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax offers heat therapy with far infrared ray.
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax massages and pats on the back and shifts your neck and legs right to left.
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax moving the neck from side to side is very effective to recover you body from.
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax makes your waist very flexible by shifting the lumber right to left.
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax corrects the lumber through its licensed function of distraction lengthening.
• Spinal Trac Dr. Lax is designed for anyone to use easily at home, workplace, or physiotherapy clinic.
• With regard to moving the lumbar, Spinal Trac Dr. Lax is safe and reliable enough because the degree of a joints
angle and muscles are reflected in the function.
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