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N3 - Hamstrings Strengthening

N3 is a portable device designed to facilitate Nordic Hamstring exercise & to measure eccentric and isometric knee flexors strength.

According to the last surveys in at least two-thirds of knee flexors injuries could be avoided by increasing the eccentric strength of hamstrings.

The Nordic Hamstring Exercise, colloquially known as "Nordic" or "NHE" is an eccentric strengthening exercise of the posterior muscles of the thigh.

From a kneeling position and with ankles secured, the subject performs a forward falling action controlling the fall by activating the muscles.

Eccentric mode:
With the ankles secured in the appropriate ankle device, in a kneeling position over a padded cushion for knee support, lower yourself as much as you can resisting the fall against the ground for as long as possible before placing your hands on the floor.
Isometric mode
With the ankles secured in the appropriate ankle device lying on the padded board, support yourself with your hands or forearms on the ground and push with the ankles upward.
  • Allows greater muscle activation.
  • Generates a significant increase in peak force in eccentric mode.
  • Causes a modification of the force-length relationship useful to avoid micro-injuries from eccentric, fast and intense stress.
  • Overall dimensions: Operational: length x width x height = 1050 x 520 x 280 mm Transport: length x width x height = 600 x 520 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 12,40 Kg
  • Supply: 4.5 V – 3 AA alkaline batteries
  • Temperature: Room temperature: [+10 /+ 40] °C | Transport and storage temperature: [-10 /+ 50] °
  • Relative humidity: [30 / 75] % with no condensation
  • Tablet features: Android operating system ver. 7.0 (or higher) | RAM 2GB (or more) | Bluetooth 4.0 (or more) | 10.1 "LCD Display | 1280x800 resolution
  • Software features: Android App for real-time visual feedback | Measurement of strength and work | Local Database for archiving personal data, tests and exercises | Consultation by single user or/and team | Trend analysis | Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication
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