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ShockWave Therapy (BMI-1120)
ShockWave Therapy (BMI-1120)

Colour display, with touch screen function: 6 inches
Pressure: up to 5 bars
Frequency: up to 21 Hz
Mode: light mode for extra-sensitive patients
Working protocols
Therapy encyclopaedia
Patient Form
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Graphic Colour display LCD 6" touch screen
Pressure: up to 4 bars
Frequency: up to 15 Hz
Mode: One Touch mode by pressing just once the activation button the
procedure will star and continue untile the end of the therapy
Working protocols
Therapy encyclopaedia
Patient Form
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The Radial Shockwave Therapy Device

Double SWT applicators support
Detachable hose and applicator
Full touch screen operation
Silent oil compressor
Built-in cabinet design

Pressure range : 1.0 to 5.0 bar
Preset Programms and user define programms
Available Model Single and Double Channel
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Shockwave Therapy Device - Single end (BMI-1257)
Shockwave Therapy Device - Single end (BMI-1257)

Radial shockwave therapy is a non-surgical technique developed for the treatment of musculoskelatal disorders. The treatment utilizes a unique set of proprietary acoustic pressure waves that are delivered through the body and focused on the site of pain or injury. It stimulates the metabolism, enhance blood circulation, accelerates the healing process. As a result, allowing damaged tissues to regenerate and recover.

System Features & Benefits

7.0 inch color touch screen
"Plug & play" system
Multi-preset treatment protocols
User friendly and reliable
No air compressor,low maintenance cost
Easy of use


Sports medicine
Aesthetic medicine


Type - Portable single handle
Technology - Compressor free ballistic radial shockwave therapy-system with electromagnetic generator as projectile accelerator
Power Levels / Energy - 60 to 185 mJ (equivalent to 1-5 bar)
Frequency - 1-22 Hz
Modes - 4 Burst modes (continuous / 4 / 8 / 12 pulses)
Programmes - 7 preset programmes, adjustable
Protocols - More than 25 illustrated preset treatment recommendations
Controls - Colour touch-screen for all software operations
Applicators - 6/15/25mm
Life time - Minimum warranty of 2,000,000 shocks per handpiece
Minimum warranty of 150,000 shocks per applicator head
Dimensions - 290×240×130mm(L/W/H)
Weight - 2.07kg (controller unit only)
Package - Aluminum Carrying Case
Warranty - 3 years for controller unit and 1 year for accessories

Standard Accessories

Ordering Code - Description - Quantity / pc
OCE001010101Z - Therapeutic handle - 1
OCE001020102 - Foot switch - 1
OCE001010101Z-07 - 6mm Therapeutic head - 1
OCE001010101Z-08 - 15mm Therapeutic head - 1
OCE001010101Z-09 - 25mm Therapeutic head - 1
OCE00102040001 - Power line - 1
OCE001010101Z-04 - Handle pedestal - 1
OCE00101010405 - Handwriting pen - 1
OCE001010101Z-06 - Silicone cap - 10
OCE00103040101 - Aluminium alloy suitcase - 1
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