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ZRT Matrix Therapy
The company Extrazell is a premier medical products supplier that provides a range of new and innovative medical devices targeting physiotherapy, rehabilitation, athletic performance and clinical institutions. A range of physio-therapeutic devices of their own design are manufactured and distributed to medical professionals around the globe.Located near Freiburg, Germany, Extrazell is the sole provider of ZRT® Matrix Therapy, a new and unique form of cell biological regulation therapy which is extremely effective on various kinds of acute and chronic pain.

In a one year clinical study in Germany which was validated by the German testing and certification company TÜV SÜD, over 400 patients experienced no contraindications or side effects when undergoing ZRT® Matrix Therapy. The treatments are pain-free and are easy both for the therapist to administer and the patients to receive. Most importantly, patients report fast relief of many types of conditions and joint issues including foot pain, backaches, leg and knee problems as well as muscle hardening and virtually all types of sports injuries.

The therapy addresses the extracellular space between capillaries and the cells themselves. Unlike most therapies, which treat either the cells or focus on capillary blood flow, ZRT® Matrix Therapy targets the area which surrounds the cell and is responsible for both the nutritional supply and waste disposal to and from the cell. In order to function properly, this extracellular space – which accounts for 30% of the body - should be freely flowing liquid, but when a patient is experiencing pain it becomes stiff and gel-like.

Practitioners use devices manufactured by Extrazell to administer ZRT® Matrix Therapy. The biomechanical stimulation resulting from the therapy cause the muscles to tremble - these vibrations enable the body to regulate the cell milleau system – the extracellular space between cell and capillary - providing fast relief and recovery to the patient.

This groundbreaking procedure does not irritate the patient's already painful problem area; rather, it targets the zone around this area so that the body can heal itself without the patient experiencing extra, unnecessary discomfort.

Many popular therapies require months and sometimes years of application. ZRT® Matrix Therapy is usually effective after only 6 - 9 treatments, making it exceptionally cost effective. Each treatment generally lasts between 10 – 30 minutes with patients often reporting immediate improvements.

Extrazell offers a battery powered hand-held unit for use in remote locations, providing the opportunity to biomechanically stimulate muscles for muscle biomechanical stimulation at sporting events and in other time sensitive situations. Internationally renowned sports figures such as soccer star David Odonkor, as well as soccer teams such as TSG Hoffenheim and VfB Stuttgart have all benefitted from the exceptional healing, regenerative and performance optimizing properties of ZRT® Matrix Therapy.

Following biomechanical stimulation treatments, many patients benefit from water filtered infrared irradiation - an effective and gentle water-filtration heat source which provides targeted warmth - facilitating greater fluidity in the extracellular space and even faster healing and pain relief.

Already in use throughout Germany as well as internationally, Extrazell manufactures patented biomechanical stimulation devices and offers specialized ZRT® Matrix Therapy training to doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and healing practitioners so they can offer their patients cutting-edge treatments that provide gentle, fast, effective pain relief with no side effects.
Direct Indication Area
  • chronic unspecified backpain
  • local musculoskeletaldiscomfort
  • post-operative pain, e.g., after knee replacement or other total endoprostheses(TEP)
  • Sudeck'sdisease
  • chronically poor healing ofwounds
  • insertion tendinopathies, such as tennis elbow,achillodynia
  • frozen shoulder, calcareous tendinitis of theshoulder
  • calcanealspurs
  • fibromyalgia
  • lower legcramps
  • unexplained jointpain
  • scardiscomfort
  • functional deficit occurring with neurologicaldiseases
  • window-shoppingdisease

Additional Indication Area
  • Preoperative treatment - Preoperative treatment for better postoperative wound healing and regeneration/rehabilitation
  • Post operative discomfort
  • Persistent pain
  • Persistent swelling
  • Wound healingdisorders
  • Scarpain Arthofibrosis
  • General complaints
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Numbness
  • Spasticity and paralysis, for example, after stroke Functional deficits in neurological diseases
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